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Hailing from Brooklyn New York, Neil Charles is a rising star of the comedy world. Neil continues to delight audiences with his laid back and clever style of comedy. Neil is based in New York City, he has performed at various venues across the east coast. Neil has been featured in Time Out New York, he has also appeared in the movie Stags, NBC’s Last Comic Standing, and Adult Swim’s “The Eric Andre Show”.

With his relaxed delivery, captivating stories and shining personality Neil is truly one to watch. Neil currently hosts two comedy shows in Brooklyn in addition to appearances at other clubs and venues around the city. Neil is also a graduate of the University of Connecticut and when he’s not on stage he run’s a fatherhood program in the Bronx. Neil also occupies his time by writing and crafting the next set and sketch.

When Neil was on stage, we couldn’t stop laughing. We’ll definitely get tickets the next time he comes to town.

- Steve Dowdle

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